Lines on home-quarantine

Kamal Chowdhury

Still bleak dust particles hang down an open sky
As you start measuring emptiness
Those who look for you in the bends of
Lanes, streets and walkways stepping far
From wind’s trembling, they are
Useless punctuation and closed sounds

The one lecturing loudly is loneliness
You may shout, but none will heed you
At a baseless distance
Of the festivity of home-quarantine
You are being haunted by the fear of strange
Virus, mask cover, caring near and dear ones
Smelling an ambulance!

After the pandemic period I shall search you out
After the dreadful time I shall search you out
Opening the closed window I shall search you out
I shall propose a walk followed by rise of sun-rays
Sipping at teacups on roadside walks
In the afternoon with the sun pale and down
Familiar books will smile in the book-fare
After debates on poetry, philosophy, relation and future,
The discontented readers shall burst into laughter

Twilight shall see, we are all there,
Frailty alongside the song of life is also there.

Translated by Mohammad Nurul Huda

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