Translated by Tasnia Mizan Chowdhury

And Then the Night Ends

Bats and owls stay awake

Stopping the wind

With their shrill

And amid bone-chilling atmosphere

They conquer the darkness.

Still the darkness hides itself

In the fold of the wrapper

And yet the night doesn’t end.

Jackals and vultures stay awake

Crying in a nasal tone

And barking now and then

They build an ominous wall

In the realm of darkness

The night whirrs like restless crickets

And yet the night doesn’t end.

When the sleeping people of a country

Suddenly open their eyes

And wipe the dust of ignorance

With the lustre of emotion,

Then the wheel of the new dawn

Breaks the darkness

Declaring the end of night.

Leave Bengal

All those years of mine

Have been burnt by your fiery eyes

But today with my hand

I am holding this thirsty knife

No more do I want to embrace

The snakes I nurtured all the years

From today I’ll be my own saviour

Put away your shadow

From my sky

Leave our Bengal.

With the expense of precious shoes

I brought you a bouquet

Scented with my emotions

But you didn’t offer love in return

Rather you crushed the flowers with boot-soles

As those poisonous memories are haunting

My bitter soul today

I don’t want to hide the monstrous laughter

In the cover of those smiling glances

From today I carry my own burden

Stop polluting my wind

With your dusts.

Leave our Bengal.

It was my earnest dream

To have some drizzling clouds

But all I had was drought

Every time my love was paid with deception

You always had been a skilled mathematician

Prudent in the formula of profits,

And what I now have as a companion is

The dirt of my sighs

While digging my own grave today

I see my skull made of mighty thunder

Now I don’t want to suppress

My inner lava with confused depression.

Now I am ready for the thunder

Striking my heart

Now leave my motherland

Leave our Bengal.

Sikandar Abu Zafar : Poet, Editor

Tasnia Mizan Chowdhury : Translator

Illustration : Najib Tareque

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